KPIs For The Blended Workforce In The Gig Economy

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During the first half of 2016, Field Nation and Blumberg Advisory Group conducted a study of Third Party Maintainers, Managed Service Providers, OEMs and Service Organizations. Specifically, we investigated how the core key performance indicators (KPIs) for these companies were impacted by the decision to move from a traditional, W2 based field service workforce to a blended vendor and freelance workforce using a Freelance Management System. The Results were conclusive and compelling.  Learn more about these findings and what changing to a blended workforce model could mean for your company by downloading this whitepaper today! 

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Who is Field Nation?

Field Nation is an online global marketplace that connects skilled workers with enterprise on-demand labor needs. A two-time Inc. 500 list conferee, Field Nation's easy-to-use platform is free and used by thousands of service companies, distributors and manufacturers across the country and around the world. Our powerful project management technology allows organizations to seamlessly regulate their entire workflow, from initiation to completion, anywhere in the world.